Bedework Community

Join the Bedework Community!

Anyone is welcome to join the Bedework community and get involved. The easiest way to get involved is to subscribe to our Bedework mailing lists as described below. While the mailing lists works well for getting answers to your questions and discussing issues, you may wish to get further involved by self-registering on the Jasig issue tracking system to report issues and log feature requests.

Share Your Deployment

A great way to see who is using Bedework is the Bedework Deployments page. If your institution/company is currently using Bedework in production, please let us know about it!

Mailing Lists

One way to get involved is to jump on the lists and ideally to help answer questions and further discussion there. Several Bedework mailing lists are available to hear announcements, talk with other calendar implementors or discuss Bedework development.

How to Contribute

Perhaps the easiest way to contribute is to download and install the code, join the implementors mailing list and share your experiences (good or bad) using Bedework and share your ideas as to how it can be improved.

At the next level, you can contribute code in the form of bug fix solutions, enhancements, or skins. If you wish to contribute to Bedework itself, you should first subscribe to the Bedework developers mailing list as outlined above and discuss your contributions with the other developers. You will also need to sign a Contributor License Agreement.

Become an Apereo Member

Finally, your institution or organization can play a valuable role by becoming an Apereo Member. The Apereo Membership page details the benefits of official membership and explains how to become a member.