Bedework Development

The goal of the Bedework project is to develop a fully standards compliant calendaring and events system. Bedework is open source and platform independent.

Bedework Milestones

The Bedework Milestones are found in Github. (See also our timeline and list of tickets.)

Bedework Projects

Bedework consists of numerous projects that are assembled to form the complete system.  See our page on the Bedework Code Repository for more information and for the URLs to download these projects collectively or independently.

How to Contribute

Perhaps the easiest way to contribute is to download and install the code, join the implementors mailing list and share your experiences (good or bad) using Bedework and share your ideas as to how it can be improved. You can also the bug tracking system and contribute your ideas there.

At the next level, you can contribute code in the form of bug fix solutions, enhancements, or skins. If you wish to contribute to Bedework itself, you should first subscribe to the Bedework Developers mailing list as outlined above and discuss your contributions with the other developers. You will also need to sign a Contributor License Agreement.