Contact Bedework

To contact members of the Bedework project, please use one of our mailing lists. We are very interested in your questions and feedback and will respond as quickly as we are able.

Technical Issues, questions, and discussion

All technical issues, questions, and comments should be submitted to one of the Bedework mailing lists (below). You must subscribe to a list before you can post to the list.

  1. Bedework Community List

    For discussion and technical questions about implementing, configuring, and deploying Bedework at your institution/company. This list has open membership and archives.

  2. Bedework Developers List

    Discussion of design and development of the Bedework framework. This list has open membership and archives.

  3. Bedework Steering Committee

    Discussion and coordination for the steering committee but can be used by community to contact the committee. This list has closed membership and archives.

We encourage all interested parties to join the mailing list that best fits their needs.

Note: If you have problems unsubscribing, please send a request to

Confidential inquiries

Confidential inquiries about Bedework can be submitted using this form. The form goes directly to the Bedework Steering Committee: if your question is general or of a public nature, please use one of the mailing lists above.  Note: if you are an events administrator seeking help about a local Bedework installation at your organization, please contact your local IT support.